Good for the World is Good for Business

I build businesses that create value for the world. And I write about the things that shape the world of impact.

Exponential Impact

Technology is a force multiplier for impact.
Yet, the Impact industry is notoriously slow to adopt technology or to scale innovation.

I write about the opportunities and challenges of using exponential technologies for impact at scale.

Covid19 & The World after Corona

The Covid19 crisis is shaping a whole generation in fundamental ways that are hard to imagine right now.
Tomorrow's leaders in industry and non-profits will be built around first principles that emerge in the aftermath of this crisis.

I write about the opportunities behind the tragedy.

The Purpose Economy

People care about the world in ways that they didn't used to.
This is creating a new economic framework and entirely new categories of opportunities.

Businesses that put purpose at the core of their model will emerge as the leaders of the new economy.

The Disruption of Healthcare

Healthcare has resisted change for too long. In particular, the patient experience - the interface - has remained mostly unaffected by technology or modern user experience standards.

Healthcare has been ripe for disruption for a long time. Now, under pressure form Covid19 and "the new normal", this disruption is being accelerated.

I write about the trends and opportunities ahead