Iulian Circo

I am obsessed with building businesses that create value for the world.
I am an entrepreneur and recovering humanitarian fluent in both business and do-goodery and am on a mission to get the two closer to each other.
My thesis is that the only viable business models are those in which purpose is profitable and profit needs purpose.

I write regularly from the front lines of the Impact Economy. That means I write about the business of doing the right thing. I write about better ways to fund and deliver impact and I write about my own journey as I am experimenting with impact funding and delivery models globally.

Here are some of my classic Long Posts
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Other Things that I do

The impact space is notoriously conservative and plagued by a limited use of data and technology. This is a tremendous opportunity for smart insurgents to leapfrog past incumbents through the use innovation and exponential technologies.

The waters are murky, though. Early adopters have to deal with bad usability, lack of infrastructure and difficulties to scale. They also have to navigate the hype that accompany any exciting technology in its early days.