Iulian Circo

I am a serial entrepreneur and recovering humanitarian operating at the frontiers of technology and impact, with a special interest in HealthTech.
I have co-founded the world’s most advanced acoustic AI, a fitbit for respiratory health.

I write regularly from the front lines of the Impact Economy. I write about the business of doing the right thing. I write about better ways to fund and deliver impact and I write about my own journey as I am experimenting with impact ventures.

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Other Things that I do

The early stages of a startup are a special time. Uncertainty, no cash, no team, no product-market-fit. This stuff is hard as it is, and 10x harder for impact focused startups.

Every product, every team and every market is different, yet there are playbooks to getting an idea to first money. There are playbooks to bootstrapping and to setting things up between 2-3 people.

There are also sets of common mistakes that everyone does as they go through this process. I have been on this journey several times myself, and I have made many of the typical mistakes. I have hired the wrong people, invested in the wrong thing, focused on the wrong market. And I’ve got the scars to show.