How to Survive any Crisis

Make no mistake. We are in the midst of a super-crisis.

While no-one really knows how an ongoing crisis will turn out, there are some things that apply to all crises.

Here a few pointers from someone who has been at the center of a bunch of big crises over the last 2 decades:

1. Don’t trust experts

Confusion. Uncertainty. It’s tempting to think there is a Gandalf out there to guide us. There isn’t, friends. In fact when the crisis is profound, deep expertise turns out to be a liability.

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2. Understand that everyone is lost

Are you confused? Angry? feeling powerless? Welcome to the club. Everyone else is.

3. Keep your eyes open

As the old rules stop applying, new rules are emerging. Those who understand these new rules early are at advantage. Pay attention to what is going around you. Be ready to act quickly.

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4. Maintain perspective

It’s tough. You may be affected profusely. You are not alone. Wherever you are, you have some things going for you, that other people don’t – focus on those things.

And if you are less affected than others, stay humble – understand that you are probably just lucky. Be weary of arrogance – it will sneak up on you and cloud your judgement. (besides, no-one likes assholes in the best of times).

5. Don’t panic

As proven by The Hitchhiker’s Guide, this is the most important principle of all. Feelings don’t change facts.

Keep a cool head and you’ll have a huge advantage.

Bonus: Focus on what you can control

During any crisis there is plenty going that is outside of your control. No point in spending too much time glued to the news or refreshing your twitter feed. This stuff is the main source of anxiety and stress during crisis.

Instead, focus on what you can control. Stay fit. Stay educated. Spend time with your loved ones. Get some rest.

Stay safe out there, everyone!

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