My work with non-profits

No-nonsense impact delivery operations


Starting in the early ’00s I have been full-time working on the frontlines of impact delivery. I worked in humanitarian settings for UN agencies such as IOM or UNHCR, in hands-on projects involving protection of vulnerable groups, post-conflict reconstruction or management of on-the-ground operations. I have set up field operations and lead mission-critical initiatives in extreme locations.

I have also worked in more traditional development settings, focusing on public health and health services. Notably, I lead country operations for PSI iN Swaziland and Mozambique.

I have also founded, started up and lead to scale Triggerise, a global technology non-profit that builds reward platforms for positive behaviour.

Some of the things I can help non-profits with include:

  1. Strategy for global programs & operations – Helping ambitious non-profits stay relevant, increase their impact and maximize their ability to raise funds;
  2. Operational set-up – Setting up operations in the field, putting together teams and basic infrastructure, anywhere in the world.
  3. Impact Tracking & Monitoring – Traditional impact frameworks suck. They are highly conceptual, very complex and impossible to use on a daily basis. There are better ways to measure and track impact at scale.
  4. Agile transformation – Modern Non-Profits understand the benefits of transforming into leaner, faster-moving organizations, powered by data and technology;
  5. Innovation Strategy & Design – As traditional donors embrace modern methodologies, successful NGOs understand the need for better strategy frameworks that will differentiate them, increase their likelihood to get funding & unlock “smarter” innovation funding;
  6. Public-Private strategies – Modern non-profits go beyond the traditional public vs. private dichotomy and leverage private sector partnerships in their strategy & operations;
  7. Integrate exponential technology into large operations – The Non-Profit sector has always been a bit more conservative in embracing technology at scale. Yet, historically, organizations who adopted emerging technology early ended up benefiting in the long run.

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