Iulian Circo

I am a recovering humanitarian and impact entrepreneur. I build businesses that use tech as a force multiplier for impact at scale. 

I am fluent in both business and philanthropy and am on a mission to get the two closer to each other. My thesis is that in the new Economy purpose is profitable and profit needs purpose.

This website is a collection of writings, links and half-baked thoughts as I am documenting my own learnings and insights from this space.

Articles & co.

I write regularly from the front lines of the Impact Economy. That means I write about the business of doing the right thing. I write about better ways to fund and deliver impact and I write about my own journey as I am experimenting with impact funding and delivery models globally.

There are more articles of mine collected here.

Here are some of my classic Long Posts
  • The Blockchain Will Change Doing Good Forever – First published a life ago (in early 2017). Practical ways in which Blockchain will change the impact industry.
  • The Impact Generation is Here – Outlines my fundamental thesis as an entrepreneur: a new generation is emerging that is redefining economic fundamentals. Companies that build for them will be the unicorns of tomorrow.
A few podcasts and interviews:

Other Things that I do

The impact space is notoriously conservative and plagued by a limited use of data and technology. This is a tremendous opportunity for smart insurgents to leapfrog past incumbents through the use innovation and exponential technologies.

The waters are murky, though. Early adopters have to deal with bad usability, lack of infrastructure and difficulties to scale. They also have to navigate the hype that accompany any exciting technology in its early days.

Occasionally, I share with my network a super-short, curated list of my favorite content from across the internet (“The Long &The Short“).

There is a bias for impact, innovation and technology. But I will also add to the list other stuff that I find interesting.